About Us

About Us

We are an IT company with offices in Turin and Milan. We operate throughout the country, offering consultancy services and IT security solutions and projects.

We are a stable point of reference and a trusted company in the world of technology and among IT companies. We are driven by a digital and agile soul that is innovation-oriented and focused on achieving maximum value, quality and sustainability.

We approach the complexity of our projects with responsibility, listening, transparency, seriousness and commitment. All of these qualities enable us to meet the needs of our clients and support the consultant working on the project with all the resources we can provide.

We look to the future with a forward-looking vision that sees all parties involved – customers and employees – projected into an increasingly challenging and enriching future in the world of IT.

More than 100 employees nationwide
National and international clients
million turnover on consultancy alone


We believe that technology is a powerful tool that can be used to improve people’s lives.

Our goal is to help our customers harness the potential of technology to achieve their business goals and improve the quality of life for their customers.


We strive every day to improve the relationship between people and the world through responsible and sustainable decisions and solutions.

We want to promote a modern, respectful and inclusive way of working as a team.

We want to deliver culture and results that help our customers achieve sustainable competitive advantage through innovation, continuous process improvement, people development and the wise use of technology.



We can all make a DIFFERENCE by channeling our energies in the right direction, with EMPATHY, to improve the future and create ENTERPRISE and EXCELLENCE.


We firmly believe in everyone’s contribution to the well-being of the community, to the preservation of the PLANET, in order to achieve the 17 GOALS of sustainable development of the United Nations (Agenda 2030). But not only that: we believe in respecting the environment, people and equal opportunities, according to a shared ethic that translates into responsible and sustainable actions and decisions.


We want to contribute to the development and continuous growth of the PEOPLE who are part of our TEAM, valuing their DIVERSITY and accompanying them through time and change.

Our winning formula

The secret of our success lies not only in our highly professional and stimulating environment, but also in the enthusiasm we bring to our work and the cohesion of our team.