Software Development

Our team develops both back-end and front-end software and mobile solutions using the latest languages, then checks their quality and ensures a consistent standard of excellence.


Our in-house expertise, gained over many years of serving a wide range of government and military organisations, enables us to provide personalised support to our customers, enabling them to conduct their business in complete security.

System Administration

Our consultants make a difference every day, enabling clients to deploy modern and efficient open source and non open source systems that help them achieve new goals effectively and sustainably.

Project Management

For more than 10 years, our knowledge of Agile and Waterfall methodologies has been a critical technical value/component in achieving the following objectives

Big Data

Our analytical and technical expertise enables us to extrapolate, analyse and manipulate vast amounts of data on a daily basis.

Database Administration

We provide clients with architecture design, installation and maintenance, DB implementation through performance and tuning services, capacity planning and backup and restore.


Looking for a solution?

ISCS is an IT consultancy company dedicated exclusively to corporate clients.

Flexibility and understanding are at the heart of our operational approach: we offer both on-site and fully remote services, adapting to the specific needs of the various stakeholders and paying close attention to both the listening and implementation phases.

Our advanced skills and accountability make us the ideal partner for companies looking for innovative and tailored IT solutions.

Want to join our team?

We operate nationwide, adding value to companies that choose to work with us.

Our strength lies in the people who make up our team: a group of professionals with an average age of around 28, who use their talent and commitment to find the best solution every day.

We believe that each consultant has a unique development path, which is why we structure ad hoc plans to maximise their potential: we are proud to offer training and development opportunities that allow our talents to excel and steadily progress in their careers.


To reap the rewards of tomorrow, you must maximise your potential today.

From 2021 to today, ISCS is the gateway to a valuable future in IT. We are dedicated to those who wish to enter the world of IT consulting, focusing on their professional growth and realisation.

We have an excellent job placement rate.
Thanks to our highly qualified teaching staff, we transform your skills into solid competences that are in demand on the market.

Our commitment goes beyond training: we offer a guided introduction to your first work experience and are there to listen and support you throughout the process.
Our academies are the place where fun and enthusiasm combine with professional growth; we offer an innovative approach based on a balance between theory and practice, preparing you for the real world with comprehensive training.

Our mission is to give you the IT skills and the confidence to take on new challenges in your professional future.

In short, we are here to set you up for success.