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ISCS is committed to researching new and innovative information technologies related to cyber security. We are committed to providing our customers with the latest tools and techniques to protect their data and infrastructure from cyber threats.

This is why we have selected and become the exclusive reseller for Europe and the Middle East of network and endpoint protection technologies.


Xiid is a Secure Data Access-as-a-Service (SDAaaS) platform designed for the hybrid cloud era. It eliminates all exploitable attack surfaces and provides unassailable security.

Xiid’s framework is based on the SealedChannel, a hyper-secure communication layer that hosts Smart Hybrid Protocols (SHyPs). SHyPs allow only passive data transmission, meaning that hackers cannot modify or steal data in transit.


Every business is exposed on the internet. This makes them a target for hackers. But ISCS has a completely new solution: INVISINET.

The INVISINET Security Platform eliminates the TCP/IP vulnerability by operating before the TCP session is established. This makes your network invisible to attackers.

Unauthorised TCP/IP traffic is dropped, preventing hacker reconnaissance and hiding all security/network components.

Only authenticated users can access the network. No network reconfiguration is required as a single gateway handles all network authentication and micro-segmentation.

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Syncplify Suite is a cybersecurity bundle for encryption that provides true end-to-end data security.

The digital culture is a culture of security. Not only in a technical sense, but also and above all in a strategic sense: security of information, technological innovation, information systems and business objectives.

That is why ISCS is at the forefront of cyber security with a comprehensive range of services and solutions.