An unassailable platform

Xiid is a Secure Data Access-as-a-Service (SDAaaS) platform designed for hybrid cloud environments. It eliminates all exploitable attack surfaces and is based on SealedChannel, a hyper-secure communication layer that hosts Smart Hybrid Protocols (SHyPs). SHyPs allow only passive transmission of data, meaning that hackers cannot modify or steal data in transit.


Together, SealedChannel and Xiid’s SHyPs provide impenetrable security for the hybrid cloud era. In addition, Xiid’s One-Time Code (OTC) authentication enables identity verification without usernames and passwords.

All in all, Xiid is a powerful and secure platform that can help organisations protect their data in a hybrid cloud environment. If you are looking for an SDAaaS solution, Xiid is the right choice.

ISCS is the exclusive distributor of Xiid for the European and Middle Eastern markets. Contact us for more information about the Xiid solution.

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